'This Is An Utter Shambles': Tory Minister Slammed Over 17,000 'Missing' Asylum Seekers

Tom Tugendhat was quizzed by Nick Ferrari on LBC
Tom Tugendhat was quizzed by Nick Ferrari on LBC

Tom Tugendhat was quizzed by Nick Ferrari on LBC

A Tory minister was told the government is presiding over an “utter shambles” after it emerged 17,000 asylum seekers have gone missing.

Home Office officials yesterday admitted that they did not know the whereabouts of the migrants, whose claims to stay in the UK have been discontinued.

On LBC this morning, presenter Nick Ferrari grilled security minister Tom Tugendhat over the problem.

He said: “We learned yesterday that the Home Office appears to confess that it doesn’t know the whereabouts of some 17,000 people whose asylum claims have been withdrawn.

“Mr Tugendhat this is an utter shambles, what’s going to be done about it?”

The minister replied: “You’re absolutely right, it’s incredibly important we identify exacty where individuals are and we grip it. That’s why I’m very glad that the new home secretary, James Cleverly, is on this already.

“What he’s going to be doing is making sure we get to the bottom of where this has happened and where it’s gone wrong.”

Ferrari hit back: “But this is totally unacceptable, isn’t it?”

Tugendhat said: “You’ve heard me say it’s exactly that and we’re getting right to the bottom of it and making sure it stops.”

The figures emerged as Rishi Sunak comes under intense pressure from Tory MPs to cut net migration and also meet his pledge to "stop the boats" carrying asylum seekers across the English Channel.