Vampire Academy boss has disappointing news on saving show

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daniela nieves, vampire academy
Vampire Academy boss has disappointing updatePeacock

Vampire Academy fans have been dealt some bad news this week, as co-showrunner Marguerite MacIntyre has issued an update about attempts to rescue the show.

In January, the fantasy horror drama series was cancelled by streaming service Peacock after one season. The reason given was that the target demographic wasn't signing up to watch Vampire Academy and that Peacock needed to focus on shows for adults first.

While fans had hoped the show could get shopped around and find a new home, similar to series like Lucifer, it looks like that won't be the case.

daniela nieves, vampire academy
Jose Haro/Peacock

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In a video posted to Twitter, MacIntyre shared: "I have been wanting to say this for a very long time. Again, thank you for all your love for the show. Thanks for the incredible support. Thanks for your sticking with us through a lot of thin lately.

"I don't have good news, and I think I don't see any avenue forward. I feel like now is the time to say I'm sorry about that, it wasn't for lack of trying. We went a little silent because there wasn't a lot we could say. We pitched our hearts out, and we tried, and we took it as far as we could.

"It's a beautiful show, these are beautiful books, these are beautiful characters. They'll come back in the world... We cared more than anything that the book fans love what we did, and you guys did, and it meant the world."

She concluded: "So, we thank you. You made it a hit for us. Whatever else happened, it's a hit because you loved it and you supported it and you were there for us. I wish it were more, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience."

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Speaking with Digital Spy exclusively in September 2022, MacIntyre's co-showrunner Julie Plec opened up about Vampire Academy's 13-year journey to the small screen.

"In 2007/8 when I read the books for the first time, it wasn't a show I think you could have done very easily for television," she shared. "It was just always in the back of my head as I carried on with my life and found different ways to tell stories about vampires from different books."

Then, in 2020, MacIntyre was asked what her dream project was. When she answered 'Vampire Academy', her wish came true... and the rest is bittersweet history.

Vampire Academy aired on Peacock in the US, and on Sky and NOW in the UK.

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