Are Vampires On The Loose In New Zealand Town Plagued By Bite Attacks?


Locals in a small New Zealand town are worried that vampires have set up camp after a spate of biting attacks has plagued the area.

Three incidents have been reported over the past week in Napier, which police have described as “weird” for their similarities.

A woman was arrested after she allegedly bit a shopper’s ear during a brawl between three females outside the New World supermarket.

A Hawke’s Bay District Command Centre spokesman told Stuff: ”It was a fight between three females and during the fight one of the females has bitten another one’s ear and drawn blood.’

“She hasn’t bitten it off, but quite badly so she needed some medical attention.”

A fight also broke out later on that night outside the Thirsty Whale bar that saw a woman jump onto a man fighting her brother, sinking her teeth so far into his neck that he was taken to hospital after suffering major blood loss.

Bar owner Chris Sullivan said he has no idea who the people who were fighting are, adding: “We’ve never seen these people before – they’re certainly not locals.”

A family row also turned violent in the same week, with another person being bitten during the argument.

A police spokesman said: “It is a little bit weird.”

If it is vampires, New Zealand is a bad place to live - it’s always sunny for a start.

Pic: Warner Brothers