Van crushed after being linked to fly-tips costing 'thousands of pounds' to clear in hotspot

Image of a huge amount of rubbish and items fly-tipped at the side of a road in Waltham Forest
Parts of Waltham Forest have faced serious problems with fly-tipping in recent months -Credit:London Borough of Waltham Forest

A van that has been linked to several fly-tipping incidents in East London has been crushed by the local council. A series of fly-tips in Waltham Forest has cost the council thousands of pounds to clear, and a white van has now been linked to the incidents.

During the past three months, the Lea Bridge area of Waltham Forest has seen a large number of significant fly-tipping incidents, the council has said. Together with the police and local businesses, CCTV identified two vans responsible for the fly-tipping.

The registered owners of the two vehicles were invited to an interview under caution on several occasions, but they did not attend any of the meetings. But on April 11, one of the vehicles was spotted by a council enforcement officer parked on Burwell Road, Leyton.

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One of the vans responsible for the fly-tipping was spotted by a council enforcement officer in Leyton. Pictured being towed away
One of the vans responsible for the fly-tipping was spotted by a council enforcement officer in Leyton -Credit:London Borough of Waltham Forest

As well as being linked to the prolific fly-tipping, there were a number of outstanding parking tickets against the white Ford van. Council enforcement officers then brought the van to the impound, where it was stored for 15 days before being crushed.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Climate and Air Quality, said: “Residents rightly expect to be able to enjoy clean, tidy neighbourhoods. No one wants to have put up with unsightly and sometimes dangerous mess left all over the place. The owners of this vehicle have cost local people thousands of pounds to clean up their mess. Now they either have the choice to face up to the consequences of their actions or have their vehicle crushed.

“We will not hesitate to take significant action against those responsible for such blatant disrespect to our borough and residents. It’s not just council taxpayers who have been left out of pocket – several local businesses have also had to shoulder the costs of this laziness. This incident yet again shows that we are determined to clamp down on the scourge of fly-tipping and hold those responsible to account.”

The second vehicle linked to the fly-tipping incidents, a white Ford van with registration BF09 XRR, is being sought by both Waltham Forest and Hackney councils in relation to fly-tipping and unpaid parking tickets. If you see this vehicle or know where it is being stored, you can email the Neighbourhoods Team at

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