Vanessa Feltz to replace Jeremy Kyle on TalkTV after quitting BBC radio job

Vanessa Feltz attending the Action for Children's The Ultimate News Quiz 2022
Vanessa Feltz is joining TalkTV to take over Jeremy Kyle's afternoon slot. (Getty Images)

Vanessa Feltz is to replace Jeremy Kyle presenting TalkTV's afternoon show, just weeks after quitting BBC Radio 2.

The 60-year-old TV and radio presenter announced in July she was stepping down from hosting Radio 2's Early Breakfast Show after 12 years to, "catch up on a much needed beauty sleep".

Feltz has now announced her new role at TalkTV, while Kyle, 57, is due to move to a primetime slot, yet to be announced, in the autumn.

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Feltz - a regular contributor to ITV's This Morning - said: "The allure of a retirement reclining on a chaise longue while the fragrant Ben (Ofoedu, her partner] peeled me a grape was fleeting.

Jeremy Kyle is moving to primetime on TalkTV. (TalkTV)
Jeremy Kyle is moving to primetime on TalkTV. (TalkTV)

"While there are politicians to be tackled, fat cats to be flattened, scams to expose and lovely listeners to champion, it's my mission to breathe fire into the microphone.

"After an elegant sojourn at the BBC, I am effervescent with joy at the invitation to unleash my hitherto hidden side on TalkTV.

"I will relish full-throttled debate and the chance to have a personal passionate point of view at last. Even better, I'll be at the reins of drivetime. Lord what luxury.

"After years of 3.30am starts, I'll have a show without an alarm clock involved.

Vanessa Feltz hosting the BBC London radio Breakfast Show.
Vanessa Feltz retired from the BBC in July after almost 20 years hosting breakfast radio. (BBC)

"If I terrified Mayor Sadiq Khan so acutely he never dared set foot in my studio on almost no sleep, tune in to see what I can achieve on a full eight hours shut-eye."

Feltz hosted BBC London's Breakfast Show from 7am to 10am for almost 20 years, as well as the Early Breakfast Show slot on Radio 2 from 4am to 6.30am for 12 years.

Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu share a kiss at a photo call. (Getty Images)
Vanessa Feltz said she looked forward to spending more time with partner Ben Ofoedu. (Getty Images)

Her salary of £400k - £404,999 made ther the eighth highest paid presenter at the BBC and the third highest paid woman after Zoe Ball and Fiona Bruce.

Announcing her departure she said: "I have loved every moment with my Radio 2 'Early Birds' and will miss my Lovely Listeners, Jolly Good Fellows and beloved friends and colleagues at Radio 2 with all my heart. However, after almost 12 blissful years, I now need to step down to catch up on a much needed decade's deficit of beauty sleep!

"It's been an honour and privilege to be the Breakfast voice of BBC Radio London for 20 years and although I'm leaving the show, I'll continue to expect hugs from my lovely listeners when I see them on the streets of London!

"I will enjoy a dollop of energy-boosting shut-eye to swing from zip-lines with my three effervescent grandchildren and frolic with my fiancé Ben, who irritatingly remains 10 years younger than me!"

Feltz was born in London and educated at the prestigious Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls and Trinity College, Cambridge.

Vanessa Feltz in 2019.
Vanessa Feltz said she could not resist the opportunity to keep debating. (Getty Images)

After becoming a journalist, she rose to fame in the 90s when she replaced Paula Yates on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast.

She went on to host her own daytime chat show on ITV and in 2001 she famously took part in the first ever series of Celebrity Big Brother, during which she apparently suffered a mental breakdown on TV.

She took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2013, but was the second celebrity to be voted out.

Mother to two daughters Allegra, 36, and Saskia, 33, from her first marriage, to surgeon Michael Kurer, Feltz has been a longterm relationship with 50-year-old Phats & Small singer Ben Ofoedu since 2006.

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Her departure from BBC Radio 2 is part of a huge shake-up of the channel which has seen many older DJs leave, including Steve Wright, Paul O'Grady and Craig Charles, while Tony Blackburn's show has been moved from Friday to Sunday.

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