Vanessa Feltz ‘can’t bear to hear’ ex-fiance Ben Ofoedu’s name

 (Kate Green/Getty Images for Walt)
(Kate Green/Getty Images for Walt)

Vanessa Feltz has said there’s been a “tapestry of lies” surrounding her split with fiance Ben Ofoedu and that she can’t bear to hear his name.

Speaking about the shock split that saw the end of their 16-year relationship earlier this year, the broadcaster, 61, said: “I have no idea what really happened. That’s the truth. So it’s over. I can’t bear to hear you utter his name.”

“I felt like a depleted balloon,” she continued in a chat with MailOnline. “Like my confidence had been crushed out of me, while I was simultaneously on TV every day.”

Feltz, who hosts a daily current affairs show on TalkTV and is the agony aunt on This Morning a few times a week, explained: “Going in to do a live show with cameras in your face the day after a nearly-17-year relationship ends is quite demanding.

“I have to do justice to the things I’m covering and the guests. I can’t be falling apart at the seams, but it’s difficult when you’re feeling like you can barely breathe, because you’re so shocked and hurt and dazed and confused and upset.”

Feltz and Ben Ofoedu were a couple for 16 years (Getty Images)
Feltz and Ben Ofoedu were a couple for 16 years (Getty Images)

The mother-of-two revealed earlier this year that she and her Phats and Small singer had split after he admitted to cheating on her with “multiple women”.

But she’s back on the dating scene having “three dates with three men in one night”.

The star has signed up to appear on TV show Celebs Go Dating for which she got sent on a speed dating night.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday to give an update, Feltz admitted that she had had “a late one” as she headed to the E4 show’s London-based dating agency on “three hours sleep”.

“Blimey, it’s only been about five hours since I got home after my triple date last night! Three dates one night, one woman. It was a late one and there was my wing woman, she was amazing!” she explained.

She continued: “I can’t tell you what happened but I’m on my way to the agency now to let them know how it went. I am living my best life, I hope you are too! Have a great day.”

She also told the Mail: “People say, ‘Oh, when you get to your age, all you really want is a companion.’ Absolute tosh. When you get to this age, you want exactly what you wanted when you were 14.

“You want to fall in love and be swept off your feet...  You want some flutterings.”

The TV personality has been dating members of the public who have written into the E4 show and been chosen by producers as potential matches for the past six weeks.