Vanessa Hudgens teases a potential music return & reveals why she's leaving 'High School Musical' behind

Vanessa Hudgens The Masked Singer High School Musical
Vanessa Hudgens The Masked Singer High School Musical

She's gotta go her own way.

Vanessa Hudgens became a pop culture phenomenon at just 18 years old when she starred as Gabriella Montez in the massively popular High School Musical movies in the 2000s.

Since then, the actress has played plenty of memorable roles in a slew of hit projects including Spring Breakers, Tick, Tick...Boom!, Grease Live!, and so many more.

Her latest achievement is in reality TV as she just won the eleventh season of The Masked Singer. Plus, Hudgens is currently pregnant with her first child.

"It's really beautiful. It's always really important to give gratitude where gratitude is due and there's a lot of places that it's due in my life, so I feel very blessed," Hudgens tells PRIDE.

Vanessa Hudgens Talks a Potential Music Return & Why She's Leaving 'High School Musical' Behind

For over 20 years, Hudgens has performed for audiences of all ages in very dynamic roles that have helped shape her into the star she is today.

"I've been grinding a really long time, but I just think of myself as little old me. I'm just another girl. I'm proud of myself and my journey, but I'm just another person and there's a lot of people in the world."

Even though she had her breakthrough during her Disney days, the star is beyond past her time on High School Musical and is ready to leave it behind.

"I feel bad, because I feel like everyone's else experience is so different to my experience. To everyone else, it's nostalgic and a moment in time. To me, it was work and these songs are songs that I had to sing over and over and over and over and over again. I never want to hear these, but now that I've had a little space from it, I can look back it with a little more affection."

The Masked Singer served as a return to Hudgens' musical roots, but fans shouldn't expect new music anytime soon.

"I think life is about priorities and that's just not on my priority list right now, but maybe one day it will be. Who knows? It's just something that I love doing and something that's nice to know that I have in my back pocket."

Now that fans have seen Hudgens grace their screens once again, it may be time to check out some of her iconic movies. To see Hudgens' favorite films, watch the video below.

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