Vaping while driving isn't illegal but could land motorists with hefty £5,000 fine

"Maintaining clear visibility while driving is vital" -Credit:Shuttershock

Vaping while riving could land motorists with a hefty fine, they are being warned.

Although not effectively illegal, the little-known £5,000 bill could be landed at the feet of anyone with a nicotine habit. According to experts, it could significantly impair visibility and lead to serious legal consequences.

The warning comes from Swansway Motor Group. It said: "Vaping while driving, although not illegal, can significantly reduce your visibility and distract you. We strongly advise against it to prevent accidents and avoid hefty fines."

"Drivers need to be aware that vaping in the car can lead to serious consequences. Under the Road Traffic Act, anything that obscures a driver's vision, including vape smoke, can be considered as driving without due care. Offenders may face up to a £5,000 fine and nine points on their licence.

"We urge drivers to consider the risks associated with vaping while driving. Not only could it compromise your ability to see the road clearly, but it can also result in severe penalties that affect your driving privileges and your wallet.

"Maintaining clear visibility while driving is vital. Vaping can create a cloud inside the vehicle that might obscure your view, putting you at risk of violating traffic laws and facing substantial fines, but most importantly, putting you and other road users around you in harm's way. It's best to keep the car a vape-free zone to stay safe and avoid penalties."

"As part of our commitment to promoting responsible driving, we remind all drivers that the penalties for driving without due care, potentially triggered by vaping, are severe. It's important to keep these potential legal and safety implications in mind whenever you're behind the wheel."