The vegan alternative to the Coronation Quiche - and how you can make it!

The Coronation Quiche has become the nation's staple dish to mark the King's Coronation and now there's a friendly vegan twist to it!

With street parties and Big Lunches planned across the country, what better way to commemorate the day than with a finely baked quiche?

The King and Queen Consort have personally chosen a recipe for 'Coronation Quiche' to mark the crowning ceremony.

The dish typically has eggs, cream and lard, which make it off limits for vegans to indulge in.

However, bringing in a healthier twist to the dish, Chantal Tomlinson, dietitian at The Vegan Society, said: "For many, the transition to veganism is an opportunity to eat better by consuming more health-promoting plant foods, such as whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans and vegetables.

"These foods are packed full of beneficial fibre, vitamins and minerals and lower in saturated fat when compared to meat, eggs, and dairy products.

"This vegan quiche contains foods rich in protein and low in saturated fat such as soya milk, gram flour, edamame beans, and silken tofu which are great alternatives to meat and dairy,” she added.

Here's how you can make your own vegan Coronation Quiche using this recipe by Hannah Hossack-Lodge.

Now that you've got all your ingredients, it's time to start cooking!

Hannah Coyne, campaign manager for The Vegan Society said: "King Charles has long been an advocate for environmental issues and it would have been great to see more environmentally conscious selections in the coronation recipes.

"Our Plate Up For The Planet campaign highlights the environmental importance of what we put on our plate, and with animal farming accounting for nearly 80% of greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture sector, we need to be making informed choices.

"Choosing to make this vegan version of the Coronation Quiche is a simple and delicious environmentally friendly swap!"

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Are you ready for the King's coronation?

King Charles will be crowned on Saturday 6 May 2023, with celebrations set to take place across that weekend.

The ceremony will start at 11am at Westminster Abbey after the royals arrive in procession from Buckingham Palace.

Viewers can now watch the coronation in the comfort of their own homes for free on Sky News channel 501 and on Sky Showcase channel 106 (7am-3pm).