‘The Veil’ Episode Schedule: When Do New Episodes Come Out?

“Mad Men” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” star Elisabeth Moss dons an English actress and embraces her inner superspy in the new streaming series “The Veil.” Written by “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight, whose previous FX projects include “Taboo” and the 2023 “Great Expectations” mini-series, “The Veil” takes on the genre of the spy thriller.

Moss stars as “Imogen Salter,” or that’s what she calls herself at the moment, an MI6 agent in a constant state of transformation, as she slips into the skin of whatever person she needs to be to extract intel. An expert investigator with a mysterious background, Imogen’s current assignment is to determine if Adilah El Idrissi (Yunma Marwan) is a refugee, as she claims, or a high-level ISIS operative, as a furious mob in her refugee camp alleges. The pair hit the road, the stage set for a competitive round of secret identity chess, while operatives from agencies around the world tail the duo and team up on a mission to stop a terrorist attack.

Here’s everything to know about how to watch “The Veil” and when you can catch new episodes.

Where is “The Veil” streaming — and is it airing on FX?

“The Veil” is an FX on Hulu production and is exclusively available to watch streaming on Hulu.

When was the premiere?

The first two episodes of “The Veil” premiered on Hulu on Tuesday, April 30.

How many episodes are in “The Veil”?

“The Veil” is a mini-series, comprised of six episodes.

“The Veil” release schedule

The FX on Hulu series debuted with two episodes on April 30 and will debut the subsequent four episodes weekly on Tuesdays. See the episode titles and full release schedule below:

  • Episode 1: “The Camp” – April 30

  • Episode 2: “Crossing the Bridge” – April 30

  • Episode 3: “The Asset” – May 7

  • Episode 4: “Declassified” – May 14

  • Episode 5: TBA – May 21

  • Episode 6: TBA – May 28

Who is in the cast of “The Veil”?

Alongside the show’s Emmy and Critics Choice Award-winning star, Elisabeth Moss, “The Veil” cast includes Yumna Marwan (“Little Birds,”), Josh Charles (“The Good Wife”), Dali Benssalah (“Athena”) and James Purefoy (“Rome”).

What is “The Veil” about?

In short – spies and secrets, but here’s the full synopsis:

“FX’s The Veil explores the surprising and fraught relationship between two women who play a deadly game of truth and lies on the road from Istanbul to Paris and London. One woman has a secret, the other a mission to reveal it before thousands of lives are lost. In the shadows, mission controllers at the CIA and French DGSE must put differences aside and work together to avert potential disaster.”

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