Vera ITV viewers lose it as star killed off in 'unbelievable' scenes in hit drama

Brenda Blethyn as Vera
Brenda Blethyn as Vera -Credit:ITV

Vera fans still can't quite get their heads around the fact that a Brit Award winning music icon was once 'killed off' in the hit drama, as the episode in question was aired again this week.

It was back in 2011 that Vera first launched on ITV, as Brenda Bletyhn made her debut appearance as DCI Stanhope, along with original sidekick David Leon and another huge star who appeared in the plot - Hidden Depths - was Sam Fender, although his fleeting cameo in the show came eight years before he won his first Brit and rocketed to number 1 in the charts with debut album Hypersonic Missiles.

Sam has the very random but rather impressive claim to fame of being the first murder victim in Vera, with his character, Luke Armsttong, found lifeless in a bath tub, at the start of the two hour long episode, as Vera cast an eye over his corpse, flanked by David as Joe Ashworth. And now, as fans wait to catch a first glimpse of Brenda, David and their Vera co-stars back in front of the camera for series 14, the much talked about pilot has been back on TV this week.

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ITV3 has turned the clock right back to series one for its latest run of Vera repeats, with Hidden Depths airing on April 15, as plenty of fans tuned in, many of them still struggling to get their heads around the fact that a. Sam ever appeared in Vera and b. He was killed off.

Taking to X, one wrote: "i think about sam fender being in vera far too much" as a second reacted: "I’m watching Vera and all I can think of is Sam Fender in the bath now hahahahahahahahahah"

Sam Fender as murder victim Luke Armstrong in Vera
Sam Fender as murder victim Luke Armstrong in Vera -Credit:ITV

Vera is due back on ITV for two new murder mysteries in early 2025, after its return was confirmed at the end of the series 13 finale in January.