'Very Vocal' Cat Shows Off Her Singing Skills in Adorable Video

A “very vocal” cat in Pennsylvania turned into a viral sensation when footage shared to TikTok of her “singing her favorite song” racked up over a million likes.

The footage, by Austeen Simpson, shows his cat Petunia melodically mewing in the hallway of his York home.

“So the real story behind the video is that I have a cat named Petunia and she is very vocal. She goes around the house talking to us and singing like this all of the time,” Simpson told Storyful.

“I just decided to film her one day while she was singing because I thought it was cute,” he said.

He said that he later discovered that her tune greatly resembled Sometimes I’m Alone by The Kiffness, and decided to add that sound to the video when posting it to TikTok, where the clip “almost instantly went viral.” Credit: Austeen Simpson via Storyful

Video transcript