Vest-wearing thug jailed for attacking hospital staff and police officers

-Credit: (Image: Warwickshire Police)
-Credit: (Image: Warwickshire Police)

This is the face of a vest-wearing thug who launched a vile attack on hospital staff and then assaulted police officers. Anthony Evans had earlier told a 999 operator 'don’t be a **** all your life.'

The 58-year-old unleashed a stream of verbal abuse and expletives to the call handler, including saying “let’s go to ****ing war” on April 29. Three days later, drunken Evans went to George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton. He raised his fist towards a member of staff and verbally abused him.

When security at the hospital tried to intervene, Evans headbutted one of the guards. Evans was arrested by officers from Warwickshire Police. But while being taken to custody, he punched one officer in the face and tried to dig his nails into the wrist of another officer attempting to restrain him.

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Evans, of no fixed address, was sentenced on charges of threatening behaviour, assault by beating, three counts of assaulting police officers, and one count of offensive communications. He was jailed for 20 weeks and ordered to pay £100 of compensation at Coventry Magistrates' Court on July 5.

Insp Ryan Price, of the Patrol Investigations Unit, said: “Evans has shown a pattern of behaviour for aggression and disrespect towards public services that are trying to help him. It’s unacceptable that he attacked members of health service staff, it is equally unacceptable that he attacked police officers, and we hope 20 weeks will be enough time for him to seek help if he needs it, and to ruminate over the consequences of his actions.”

George Eliot Hospital’s chief operating officer, Robin Snead said: “Our hardworking staff are dedicated to caring for people. To abuse and attack them in this way is absolutely unacceptable and we will always work with the police to bring offenders to justice. We welcome this sentence.”

Deputy chief constable Alex Franklin-Smith said: “All too often, Police officers and staff are subjected to threats and violence. While the severity of each attack changes, the impact upon society does not. It is never acceptable to assume that assaults upon police officers and staff should be tolerated, it is not simply ‘part of the job’.

“On average in Warwickshire there are 24 assaults against police officers and staff per month. It should be remembered that that those police officers and staff are people, they are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. When they are attacked, they become victims just like any other, but victims who have been attacked while trying to protect others.”

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