Vet says he would never own 'abomination' dog breed

A vet has said 'can we stop this mayhem' as he detailed one breed of dog he would never own, calling it 'an abomination' and 'neurotic'. Taking to Reddit, the animal expert says he doesn't want to judge owners who choose the dogs, but says 'I really wish we could stop this trend'.

He wrote: "I swear every other dog that comes into the clinic is a Labradoodle, Golden doodle, Aussiedoodle or some other poodle abomination. Can we stop this mayhem. I get that people want hypoallergenic dogs but it's too much. I actually love just a normal standard poodle but the crosses are nuts. My current theory is that the breed attracts a certain type of owner who has no concept of how to training a dog, let alone an extremely neurotic one like a poodle.

"People have been led to believe these are good family dogs, I couldn't agree less. The amount of times clients complains about their Labradoodle not being controllable or have extreme separation anxiety that causes them to destroy the house is way too high.

"I love all our patients, even the crazy ones, but I would never own one of these without doing lots of formal training. Not to mention, all these backyard breeders pumping them out like a factory, who know what genetic mess you're inheriting but people keep buying them.

"I don't want to shame clients for their choice of dog but I really wish I could stop this trend or at least warn them before they get one that it's not what they expect."

Other vets and veterinary nurses commented saying that the breeds also often have ear problems, allergies and food sensitivities which require medication.

One said: "I think the issue is that in the animal world there is absolutely no regulation over who can breed, what breeders can say, who can buy animals for what, and no standardisation of education pertaining to animal ownership and use. It's literally a free for all"

Pets4Homes data shows Goldendoodles were the most sought-after dog in 2023 with 995 potential buyers per dog advertised. This is because they're generally thought to be calm, sociable, and good with children. Axel Lagercrantz, chief executive of Pets4Home told The Times: "Goldendoodles are typically very good with children and other pets and dogs, are calm around humans and are naturally curious and playful."