Veteran collapses on Antiques Roadshow after learning £265 Rolex bought in 1974 is now worth more than £500,000

Ellena Cruse

An air force veteran collapsed to the floor after discovering a Rolex watch he bought in the 1970s was now worth more than £500,000.

The guest was told the time piece he paid $345.99 (£265) in 1974 had increased massively in value on an Antiques Roadshow episode this week.

In footage filmed in North Dakota, United States, expert Peter Planes said the former military man could today sell his watch for up to $700,000 (£530,000).

Mr Planes went on to explain the model was a lot like one worn by the late actor Paul Newman and the original paperwork and box had added value to the piece.

As he heard the news, the unnamed veteran collapsed to the ground and waved his hands in the air.

“You gotta be s******* me. Unbelievable," he said after he got back to his feet.

The man was delighted after being told how much his watch was worth (PBS)

The ex-serviceman explained that he bought the watch through a military base exchange while in Thailand.

The watch still looks brand new as he never got around to wearing it.

The expert added that he did not think there was a better conditioned watch available in the world and thanked the man for bringing it on the show

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