Vicar Of Dibley producer says Trevor Peacock’s life was a ‘lesson to all of us’

Trevor Peacock’s life was a “lesson to all of us” because of the breadth of the achievements in his career, the producer of The Vicar Of Dibley has said.

The actor, who was perhaps best known for playing Jim Trott in the comedy series, has died aged 89.

Producer Jon Plowman said he will be “sadly missed”.

Trevor Peacock death
Trevor Peacock (Nick Potts/PA)

He added: “It is a lesson to all of us, the breadth of his career, really.

“He was a very, very good actor at the National and the Royal Shakespeare Company playing serious roles and a very, very good actor playing Jim Trott on The Vicar Of Dibley.”

Peacock’s character in The Vicar Of Dibley was known for repeating the word “no”.

Plowman said: “He was a great actor and he was the only guy we saw when we were auditioning for Dibley who got, ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes – no’, or, ‘No, no, no, no – yes’ and made it work.

“Because he made it work, Richard and Paul who were the writers thought, ‘Well, we will develop this part because he clearly knows what he’s doing’.”

Plowman worked with Peacock from when the show first aired in 1994 until 2015.

“He’s a sad loss. He was great, he was a really nice guy,” Plowman said.

“He was very funny and he was very good at his job.

“He always knew his lines, he always knew what he wanted to do with the part, no problem at all.”