'Vicar Of Dibley' star Dawn French stuns fans with hair makeover

Dawn French has a new look. (PA)
Dawn French has a new look. (PA)

Dawn French has stunned fans by revealing a dramatically different hairdo.

The Vicar Of Dibley star is known for the sleek, dark bob that she has rocked for many years, but earlier this year she told fans that she had decided to start embracing the grey.

Updating her followers on Instagram, French shared a picture of herself with very short hair that was a mix of grey and brown.

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The 63-year-old told her followers that it is “a process” and explained that she is planning to grow the bob back – but that from now on it will be silver grey instead of dark brown.

“Cutting off all the old colour…gradually getting there with the grey… starting short… aiming at the ol bob in full grey glory…” she said. “It’s a process…”

“I’m not great at patience,” she admitted.

The actor and comedian’s fans were impressed with her new style.

“Embrace the silver! Once you get there it's wonderful,” said one person.

“You look incredible and gorgeous no matter what hair!!!” said another fan. “The grey is going to look phenomenal though!”

Another of the star’s followers said embracing their own silver locks in the COVID pandemic was the best thing they ever did.

“Grey is the new fabulous,” said another.

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Others told French that she was inspiring them to do the same and ditch the hair dye to “be proud of our natural beauty”.

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