Vicky Pattison hits back after being criticised for 'upstaging' bride

The reality star has responded to trolls about this Instagram photo. (Instagram)
The reality star has responded to trolls about this Instagram photo. (Instagram)

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! winner and former Geordie Shore star has hit back at online trolls accusing her of upstaging her sister Laura on her wedding day.

Pattison shared a picture of her as Maid of Honour at her sister’s Mexican beach wedding on Tuesday. Many of her followers criticised her for standing in front of the bride, and partially blocking her sister on her big day.

One user branded her the “Worst bridesmaid ever” and asked “why are you in front of the bride?”

While another wrote: “I just wanted to see the beautiful dress. When posting this pic maybe the caption should say my sister asked me to stand there. She has no reason to hide. She’s beautiful… Why are you standing in front of bride?? Manners Vic, manners its not all about you!’

But Vicky responded to this particular comment by writing that it was in fact her sister Laura that asked her to stand there, and denies doing anything wrong.

“That’s where my sister asked me to stand. Now, what exactly did you gain from that b****y comment?!…

“Or were you hoping I’d say that I’m that attention hungry and desperate I couldn’t imagine the thought of my baby sister, the most important person in my life, having the focus on her for one day?! Just get a life…

“People like you are the precise reason I don’t post pictures of my friends and more importantly family on my instagram more regularly- as you make something that should be wonderful and happy quite dark and negative,” Pattison wrote.

One of her followers argued her response to the ‘negativity’ was too extreme: “Wow..I liked you Vicky, a lot. I follow you for a few years now and I like your posts. But this reaction?? Waaaaay to aggressive. It’s making me question if you actually are the cool and kind person I thought you were.. You lost a few fans over this reaction I think..,” she wrote.

However, several also rushed to Pattison’s defence. One wrote: “Jesus id hate to be famous and having to question every single little thing I posted and the position of every single thing before I posted it…” while another commented: “I’m so so sorry you had to say what you said because there are some nasty heartless people out there. Your picture was stunning of you all and your sister looked amazing xx.”

Pattison cancelled her own wedding last November when her fiancé John Noble was caught cheating while on holiday in Dubai.

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