Vicky Pattison shares post-holiday anxiety and admits to 'the Sunday night scaries'

Even celebrities suffer with that dreaded back-to-work feeling.

Vicky Pattison
Vicky Pattison has admitted to the Sunday night scaries. (PA)

Vicky Pattison has revealed even celebrities suffer from the Sunday night scaries as she admitted to struggling since getting back home from holidays.

The former Geordie Shore star and I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! winner showed that being famous is no cure for the back-to-work blues as she opened up on "beating herself up" ahead of a new week.

Pattison, 35, is known for sharing her feelings and anxieties with her followers, who love her openness and praised her for her honesty.

Vicky Pattison attends the launch of Rylan Clark's new book
Vicky Pattison's fans praised her honesty. (Getty Images for Orion Books)

She enjoyed a holiday to Jamaica with fiance Ercan Ramadan in July, but said that it had been a struggle to get back into normal work life since then.

Posting photos in her underwear captioned "Monday Morning Reality", Pattison explained that she had decided to stop making herself feel like she needed to change her body after an attack of the "Sunday night scaries".

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She wrote: "I've really struggled to get back in the swing of things since Jamaica- I think I'm still living island life.

"And last night I really started beating myself up. The Sunday night scaries hit me like a tonne of bricks and honestly my inner critic was just on one! I won't go in to detail- as he's a toxic little turd- but I'm sure you guys can imagine the type of thoughts that were swirling round my head as I tried to sleep because I know we've all been there (btw, despite being a woman my inner critic is 110% a man.. I can just tell by his tone and the fact that he's a helmet).

"But today I've woken up determined to change my mindset.. This extra 5-10 pounds that I'm being so cruel to myself about is where my body naturally wants to be. And even more than that... it is my life! Beautiful things and stuff that makes me happy that I'm not willing to give up anymore!"

Sharing her positivity, Pattison continued: "That extra bit of squish is my fun meals with friends, my gorgeous holidays with ercan, my staycations with my fluffy princes! It is the glass of wine you wanted all day, the bowl of pasta in a restaurant you've been dying to try, the Big Mac when you're hungover!! Those 5-10 pounds are most likely your favourite memories, unforgettable trips and your celebrations of life!! And quite frankly, I love those moments far more than I ever will being a specific clothes size or a number on a scale!

"So next time you're staring in the mirror and pulling yourself apart or your b****** inner critic is being a complete p**** remind yourself that those extra 5-10 pounds are your spontaneity, your food freedom and your love for life.. and you deserve those things! And you look pretty damn good just as you are."

Vicky Pattison and Ercan Ramadan attend  The Sun's
The reality star is engaged to Ercan Ramadan. (WireImage)

Pattison's fans praised her, with one commenting: "I love how real you are."

Someone else added: "Absolutely love your posts! you are helping so many people by being so open and honest! I for one would like to say a massive thankyou."

Another fan wrote: "I didn’t know much about you till I’m a celeb and started to follow you, but I can honestly say I love your content. I love the highlight reels and the actual reals."

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