Vicky Pattison 'in a really bad way' after horror illness as doctors issue health warning

Vicky Pattison in hospital
-Credit: (Image: VickyPattison/Instagram)

Reality star Vicky Pattison has been issued an urgent warning after being rushed to hospital, meaning pals fear she could have to postpone her wedding.

The 36-year-old former Geordie Shore star is set to walk down the aisle with Ercan Ramadan in Italy this summer. But Vicky was rushed to hospital after being left “physically unable to move”.

Posting on her Instagram, Vicky said she had suspected glandular fever as well as an infection and an abscess in her throat. Writing on social media, she said: “I haven’t allowed myself any downtime this year.

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“I’ve burnt the candle at both ends, worked a punishing schedule and ignored all signs that my body was desperate for a break.”

Vicky confessed she had been feeling “drained” and “overwhelmed”, admitting it had been “a wake up call”. She added: “I’m angry with myself that I let it go this far.”

Vicky Pattison and fiancé Ercan Ramadan in Dubai
Vicky Pattison and fiancé Ercan Ramadan in Dubai -Credit:Instagram

While Vicky may have left hospital, Heat magazine reports pals fear she could have to postpone her long-awaited big day. One said: “She’s in a really bad way. Her body is really weak and she needs to rest.“

The insider says Vicky was juggling her brand deals, radio show, and wedding plans, meaning she “ignored all the signs and it all got on top of her.”

They said Vicky has now been told to rest, adding she will only continue to get worse if she carries on. However, the insider says Vicky should be able to make it to her nuptials if she slows down and follows the advice to rest.

Ercan, the source says, was with Vicky 24/7 while she was in hospital, giving her “round-the-clock care” so she can recover. They said friends hope Vicky will be well enough for the wedding, but admit her health comes first.

Vicky’s recovery could feature on the two-part E4 special she has signed-up for that will follow the lead-up to the big day in Puglia, Italy. As part of the run-up, Vicky had just returned from her hen-do in Mykonos, following a joint stag and hen-do in Dubai.

After being released from hospital, Vicky shared a picture on Instagram with Ercan and their dogs. According to Closer, she said: “I’m super-happy to be home, back to my boys and my bed.

“I’m already beginning to feel like myself.”