Victoria Beckham created a job especially for son Brooklyn within fashion empire

Working in ‘the industry’ has a bit of a reputation for being about who you know rather than what you know, with people often moaning about celebrities and their relatives getting a kickstart in other career fields due to their associates.

And Victoria Beckham has arguably proved that point after creating a job at her prestigious fashion label especially for her 18-year-old son, Brooklyn.

Victoria and Brooklyn are incredibly close.
Victoria and Brooklyn are incredibly close.

The teen is a budding photographer and is even releasing his own photography book later this year, however, his mum has now insured that he has something to do full time once he leaves college.

Speaking to Heat magazine, a source dished: “When he finishes this summer at his college in North London, he’s going to work for Victoria.

“She thinks he has a fantastic eye for fashion and is very talented – he’ll have a creative/photography type role.

“Victoria is in the process of securing a new office in West London – she wants to open more ships, with New York being the next location, and she wants Brooklyn to be involved.”

Brooklyn is an aspiring photographer.
Brooklyn is an aspiring photographer.

The insider continued that Victoria is looking forward to working with her son, adding: “They’re very close and he spends a lot of time following her around the world, giving her advice on her work.

“He steps in to look after her when David is away. Nobody makes her laugh as much as Brooklyn does.”

And on top of career advice, Brooklyn has reportedly also been turning to his parents for love tips, with the source sharing: “David and Victoria have brought Brooklyn up as normally as possible.

“They made him get a job and learn the value of money, but they know now that he is a target for girls. They’ve done all they can to tell him to be careful about who he dates.

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Grace Moretz/Rex Photos
It’s though that Brooklyn is back with his actress ex Chloe Moretz.

“The money and the fame make him all the more of a catch.”

Still, that’s not something that Brookly should have to worry about at the moment, with it being hotly rumoured that the teen has rekindled his romance with Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz, who is already an established star in her own right.

As well as Brooklyn, the Beckhams have helped their other children get a step on the career ladder at a young age, with 11-year-old Cruz releasing a charity Christmas single last year and 14-year-old Romeo modelling for some huge brands, including Burberry.

The couple are also mum and dad to five-year-old Harper who, at the moment, has stayed largely out of the limelight.