Victoria Beckham glad to have ditched 'miserable cow' reputation

Victoria Beckham is relieved to have finally ditched her reputation as a “miserable cow”.

The star shot to fame in British group the Spice Girls in the 90s and was branded Posh Spice because of her designer outfits and tendency to pout than smile in front of cameras.

Victoria turned 50 this week and has revealed she’s finally learned to relax and enjoy herself when she’s in the spotlight.

"I looked at some pictures of myself recently and was really struck by how happy I looked,” she told Sunday Times Style. “In the past I’ve always looked at those red carpet pictures of me and seen a woman who looks nervous and insecure.

"Everyone else saw a woman who looked grumpy and stern - I suppose that’s how I got the reputation of being such a miserable cow."

After she found fame as a singer, Victoria went on to launch successful fashion and beauty lines and shares four children with her husband David Beckham.

The star shared she feels happier than ever with the direction her life is heading.

“I’m excited about the future. The thing with ageing is that it is what it is,” she explained.

“But generally, I feel good about things. I have better opportunities now than I did when I was younger.”

Victoria also touched upon the successful Netflix documentary Beckham, a four-part series which followed David’s hugely successful football career and offered fans a glimpse into the couple’s family life.

Victoria has admitted it took some time for her to watch the final episode of the show.

“It was on a flight to Miami that we finally watched it,” she recalled. “David suggested we get a bottle of wine. It was a nice moment — we both felt really proud.”