Victoria Beckham’s broken foot sees 70% sales boom for black crutches

Victoria Beckham appears on crutches at her Paris Fashion Week show (REUTERS)
Victoria Beckham appears on crutches at her Paris Fashion Week show (REUTERS)

The former Spice Girl turned fashion mogul (and one half of the world’s most famous couple) is no stranger to setting trends — yet her latest accessory is her hardest sell yet.

Having broken her foot in an unfortunate gym accident last month, Victoria Beckham has been sporting a pair of chic black crutches for late-night dinners and even her Paris Fashion Week show — which according to the brand, Cool Crutches, has led to a 350% increase in searches and 70% increase in sales for the brand. Crutches for spring? Truly groundbreaking.

The biggest push for the unlikely accessory came on Saturday night, where she hobbled around her catwalk before shakily bending down to give David, who was sitting FROW alongside Anna Wintour and the rest of the Beckham clan (sans Romeo), a peck on the cheek. Backstage the designer even used a crutch to point out looks to eager listening editosrs.”I’m so sorry to point with this, but I am finding it very empowering,” she said.

Although she’s been “looking forward to getting out of this boot”, it hasn’t separated Spice from her beloved heels. With Victoria seen teetering along in a pair of £890 Alaïa Coeur pumps for dinner at Dorian Bistro in Notting Hill only a few weeks earlier. She also ditched the sensible footwear this weekend and paired the crutches with an all black ensemble (including black kitten heels). The case for crutches grows ever stronger.

Of course, it’s unlikely anyone with two working feet will be rushing to add a pair of black crutches to their outfit. But rest assured those needing the extra support know exactly where to go and what to wear.