Victoria Derbyshire accidentally calls Jeremy Hunt C-word live on BBC show

Victoria Derbyshire has become the latest media figure to mispronounce Jeremy Hunt‘s name.

The BBC presenter made the mistake during a debate over who should be the next Tory leader, and said it was usually men who made the error.

Addressing Conservative MP Steve Brine, Derbyshire said: “You say the man you are backing, Jeremy C***...”

“I’m so sorry, Jeremy Hunt. I’ve never said that before in my life.

“It’s normally men who say that so I really, really want to apologise.”

The BBC’s subtitle service substituted the word with “EXPLETIVE”.

It was not the first time a presenter has made a mistake while saying the foreign secretary’s name.

James Naughtie made the error when Mr Hunt was culture secretary, while Justin Webb stumbled over his name when the minister was health and social care secretary.