Victoria Derbyshire Returns To Our Screens Three Weeks After Breast Cancer Surgery

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Victoria Derbyshire put a smile on our face yesterday morning when she returned to our TV screens less than one month after undergoing breast cancer surgery.

Victoria thanked fans for their well-wishes as she fronted her BBC2 morning show, and reassured the audience that she is well on the way to recovery.

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The 47-year-old acknowledged her support, saying: “And by the way, thank you for all of your tremendous messages in this last week or so to me.

“They mean a great deal, thank you.”

Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer over the summer, choosing to openly share the news and her battle with the disease back in August.

The former BBC Radio 5 journalist even made a video diary after her September 24th surgery, which she shared with fans last week.

Dressed in a hospital gown and laying in her hospital bed post-surgery, Victoria held up a sign that read: “Hi, this morning I had breast cancer…”

Followed by another sign that reads: “This evening I don’t!”

Revealing why she decided to so publicly document her cancer fight, the mum-of-two previously explained: “The reason I wanted to talk about what has happened to me is that I am a pretty open person but also because more than one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer.

“And here’s the thing - having cancer is manageable, having a mastectomy is usually doable. I didn’t know that until I got cancer and that is what I want to tell people.

“I know everyone is different and has different experiences, this is mine and I hope you don’t mind me sharing that with you.”

Of course we don’t, Victoria - and it’s so great to have you back on our screens.

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