Video of dog stealing a snack during TV broadcast wins the internet today

Working with animals on live television can be a perilous process.

And one animal proved that even the cameras can’t curb natural instinct.

A video of a dog pilfering a snack during a live TV broadcast has become the toast of the internet.

The hilarious six-second clip appears to come from a segment on a live television show.

In the video, a male interviewer puts a microphone in front of a female guest beside a food stall, but in the bottom right corner of the screen, the dog can be spotted stealing a rather delicious looking empanada.


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It appears that no one in the video notices the dog take the foodstuff, although the cameraman swerves downwards in acknowledgement.

The clip was was posted on Twitter by Mikel Jollett, singer and guitarist with Los Angeles-based indie band Airborne Toxic Event.

He tweeted it to his 110,000 followers with the caption, ‘The dog is the real hero here’.

The dog was subsequently hailed by Twitter.

One user, Sue, posted: ‘He’s got stealth moves. So smooth and sneaky.’

Another Twitter user, Crowbi wan Kenobi, said: ‘Some heroes wear collars.’

Mr Jollett later joked: ‘I’m starting to think the dog and the reporter are a team.’