Video shows horses 'covered in blood' running through central London

Two horses on the loose bolt through the streets of London near Aldwych.
Two horses have been spotted loose in Central London -Credit:Jordan Pettitt/PA Wire

A video has been circulating online this morning (April 24) of two horses with unoccupied saddles running through central London as one appears to be covered in a red substance, which onlookers have said appears to be blood. The video, captured by ITV News, shows one black and one white horse cantering at pace down the inner city roads.

The white horse is covered in a red liquid as onlookers have been stopped in their tracks and some have filmed the odd sight. It's not yet clear where the horses have come from, why they are unaccompanied or why the white horse is covered in the red substance which resembles blood.

People have reported seeing the horses near to Tower Bridge and Limehouse Tunnel. One person wrote: "They ran past me between tower bridge and limehouse tunnel, crazy s***'.

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A black horse collides with a London Taxi after bolting down the A4 near Aldwych, central London.
One of the horses collided with a black cab -Credit:Jordan Pettitt/PA Wire

ITV's Daniel Hewitt shared a video from the scene and wrote: "Two horses have just been seen running down Aldwych in central London. One covered in blood. Filmed by @itvnews "

He added: "We’ve called the Met Police. One horse ran into a black cab. The other was covered in what looked like blood. Awful."

Another person claimed that police were seen trying to track them down: "They just ran past me at cannon st chased by a police car so awful and surreal."

A fourth person wrote: "Those poor horses. What on earth has happened to them? Hope they and everyone around them are safe."

Despite some reporting that the white horse appears to be covered in blood another person said: "You can see me stepping back as the white one runs past me on the pavement outside Pret, they were totally spooked and it looked like paint."

A Met Police spokesperson told MyLondon: "We are aware of a number of horses that are currently loose in central London and are working with colleagues, including the Army, to locate them."

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