Video shows impatient overtaking traffic and jumping red light - in front of police car

Police have released video footage showing an impatient driver jumping a queue of traffic and blasting through a red light - all in front of a police car. The unmarked vehicle captured crystal-clear footage of the incident on its camera.

It happened on the afternoon on Friday, May 3 in Cobham, Surrey. It starts with the police vehicle's front-facing camera approaching some temporary roadworks. It then switches to a rear-facing camera, which shows the dark-coloured VW Golf swinging out from behind a Fiat before overtaking three cars - including the police vehicle.

It then goes straight past the temporary red light. The police car immediately turns on its sirens and pursues the vehicle, forcing it to pull over.

It was confirmed that the driver then failed a drugs wipe. The episode was posted on Surrey Roadsafe's account.

Not surprisingly, they took a dim view of what had happened, saying: "Driver of this Golf overtook 3 vehicles to drive through a red light where members of the public were at work on Downside Road, Cobham. #VanguardRST in their unmarked car, were in the queue & stopped the Golf. The driver then provided a positive #DrugWipe for Cannabis = arrested."

According to the Government website, it’s illegal to drive if either you’re unfit to do so because you’re on legal or illegal drugs or you have certain levels of illegal drugs in your blood (even if they have not affected your driving).

if you’re convicted of drug driving you may get:

    • a minimum 1 year driving ban

    • an unlimited fine

    • up to 6 months in prison

    • a criminal record

    Your driving licence will also show you’ve been convicted for drug driving. This will last for 11 years. The maximum penalty for causing death by careless driving under the influence of drugs is life imprisonment.