Video shows moment police officer rugby tackles suspect fleeing from back of ambulance

A video has captured the moment a police officer rugby-tackled a fleeing suspect to the ground. The man had been arrested in the back of an ambulance on suspicion of theft, drugs and weapons offences.

However, he decided to make a run for it - but one traffic officer was not having any of it. Video - released by Greater Manchester Police's traffic X account from a vehicle's dashcam - shows the ambulance doors barging open just as an officer walks in front of the camera.

The suspect then runs from the vehicle and around a wall as he makes his bid for freedom. However, he is intercepted by the officer who takes him to the floor.

The officer wrestles him onto his front before more colleagues join him. The suspect is then pinned to the floor and restrained. An exact location of where the encounter takes place is not given, but the camera states Whitworth Road on May 9, 2024 at 14.49hrs (2.49pm). The Nisa Local shop in the video suggests the incident occurred in Rochdale.

The post on X reads: "Who says we only chase people in cars? Having been arrested in the back of an ambulance for theft, drugs & weapons offences this perp thought he could get away. What he hadn't counted on was XTG1 from RPU 3 being ready to tackle him. Show the officer some love X followers!"