Video of teen doing press-up on level crossing sparks railway safety warning

Footage of a teenager doing a one-armed press-up on a level crossing and young boys placing stones on a train track have sparked a warning by Network Rail.

Covert cameras placed at level crossings in Worcestershire picked up “highly dangerous” examples of people missusing crossings , the railway company said, as safety teams vowed to visit the areas to warn pedestrians.

On April 1, a dog walker was seen encouraging two dogs to sit on the tracks while another person took a photo of them.

Two days later, a man was seen pointing out “pretty hills” in the distance while two young girls played on the tracks for more than a minute and a half.

On April 8, a teenager was caught on camera doing a press-up with one arm on the crossing as loud music plays.

One clip, captured on March 18, shows two boys placing stones on the track so they are run over by trains.

Four days earlier, two dog walkers were caught rushing across the tracks eight seconds before a high-speed train passed.

On May 18, a primary school age boy on a scooter was spotted rushing over the crossing in front of an oncoming train which arrived seven seconds later.

Network Rail said 728 cases of misuse have been reported by train drivers or caught on hidden cameras across the country so far this year - equating to more than three a day.

Alexandra France, Network Rail level crossing safety manager, said: “In so many of the incidents filmed, the difference of just a few seconds could have led to tragedy for those involved.

“I can’t downplay the danger they were in – with serious injury or worse a huge possibility.

“No matter how well you think you know a crossing, all users must obey the rules around using level crossings every time they use it. It just really isn’t worth the risk.”