Who has banned TikTok?

STORY: Who has banned TikTok?

[Oliver Dowden, Britain's Chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster]

“We are also going to ban the use of TikTok on government's devices. We will do so with immediate effect.”

TikTok is owned by China-based ByteDance, the world's most valuable start-up.

Numerous countries have raised concerns over its proximity to the Chinese government and its hold over user data across the world.

'United Kingdom'

The UK will ban TikTok on government phones with immediate effect

“Given the particular risk around government devices which may contain sensitive information, it is both prudent and proportionate to restrict the use of certain apps.''

Similar moves have been made in Belgium, Canada, Scotland, the European Parliament and New Zealand with governments citing national security.

'United States'

Biden’s administration says TikTok's Chinese owners must divest their stakes or face a possible U.S. ban

New legislation allows the White House to ban foreign-based technologies that pose security risks


India banned TikTok and dozens of other apps by Chinese developers on all devices in June 2020

claiming that they were potentially harmful to the country's security and integrity


Pakistan has banned TikTok at least four times, with the latest ban ending in November,

over what the government said was immoral and indecent content on the app


Taiwan banned TikTok and some other Chinese apps on state-owned devices

and in December 2022 launched a probe into the social media app over suspected illegal operations on the Island.

'How has China responded?'

China has called the bans from New Zealand and the U.K. an ‘abuse’ of the concept of national security.

A foreign ministry spokesperson said the two countries should provide a fair

and non-discriminatory environment to companies from all countries.