Collector's edition "Sede Vacante" stamp is hottest souvenir in Rome

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The Pope may have left, but the tourists remain in the Vatican city to get their hands on the hottest souvenir going. A limited edition stamp for the “sede vacante” has been issued by the Vatican post office.

Marking the first papal resignation in 600 years, the stamp is expected to become especially valuable if postmarked on the first day.

Designed by Daniela Longo it depicts an angel with two keys under a canopy. It is the seventh time that a stamp has been issued to mark the vacant see since the tradition began in 1939.

Euronews correspondent Fabien Farge managed to get his hands on a copy.

“This little piece of paper with its perforated edges is what everyone is after in the Vatican City. It’s an object which will be coveted by stamp collectors but also for anyone who wants to own a little piece of this special moment in the history of the Catholic Church.”

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