The desert cabins housing World Cup fans

STORY: These cabins in the desert are housing Qatar's World Cup fans

The prefabricated complex is a two-hour bus journey from some stadiums

Location: Barwa Barahat al Janoub, Qatar

But at $84 a night, it's the most affordable accommodation in Qatar

[Emiliano Carrascal, Fan from Argentina]

"We are in the middle of nowhere, we got what we paid (for), and the distance seems to be far from downtown but I also saw that there is very easy access because they also have complimentary buses, back and forth. So it seems to be very well organized.’’

The three-storey buildings were designed to house 67,000 low-income workers

who are expected to move in some time after the World Cup

Closer to the action in Doha, hotel rooms cost hundreds of dollars

Some cruise ship cabins cost several thousand dollars

[Sandipan Bhowmick, Fan from India]

"It's one of the richest countries in the world, this is why we are paying expensive, and this much of dollar. In India, in my country, it is really very cheaper to get a hotel, we can in ten dollars we can have one room." // . But I thought it would be closer to city, but it is really very far from the city and the WiFi problem is really bad here. The main problem actually for the connectivity."