Safari-goers in Namibia have close call with cheetah after it tries to climb into vehicle

This the hair-raising moment a group of tourists on a safari had a close up encounter with a hungry cheetah.

Magdalena Ryszkowska, 34, filmed the encounter on a Cheetah feeding tour near Windhoek, Namibia.

The video shows the untamed big cat slowly approaching the vehicle before climbing onto the door.

The guides are then seen tossing the animal a piece of meat and even opening the door.

Magdalena, a Polish horse trainer and riding instructor, said: “There was no moment when I was scared or unsafe.

"These cheetah's are fed every second day and they are used to people.

“The guides explained to us what would happen, what we can expect and what the behaviour of a cheetah was.”

“They said that such a close encounter is possible only with cheetahs.”

Cheetahs are well known to be particularly shy of humans and tend to avoid people rather than attacking them.

“That's the closest I have been to a cheetah and I loved every minute of it,” Magdalena added.