‘The View’s Ana Navarro On Univision Cozying Up To Donald Trump: “What The Hell Is Going On?”

Ana Navarro is concerned about what is happening at Univision after the Spanish-language network seemingly shifted their strategy to covering Donald Trump.

The political commentator and co-host of The View took to social media to air her comments on the situation and she’s taking it so seriously that she shared a video with no glam and no filters.

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Navarro started off the video by giving background to Univision and gave them accolades for “being a good player for the Latino community” over the years in keeping them informed on politics. However, she raised concerns over an interview with Trump the network aired from his Mar-a-Lago residency that was conducted by Enrique Acevedo, the most-watched news anchor on broadcast television in México via TelevisaUnivision’s Las Estrellas network.

“It was a ridiculous interview. It was embarrassing. It was an interview with no pushback,” Navarro said of the Trump interview by Acevedo. “You would have thunk they were interviewing Barney the dinosaur. It was a love fest.”

Navarro reminded her followers that Trump started his 2016 presidential campaign by “playing the immigration card” and “made it his habit to insult, target, otherwise Latinos and Latin immigrants.”

“To see the largest network, the most important network in the Latino community — Univision — giving this man a one-hour platform where there was no push… There was a ton of smiling faces. There were references by Donald Trump during the interview to his friends who were there, from Univision, Univision executives. It’s raised a lot of questions,” she added. “I don’t know what the hell is going on in Univision but I do think we need to talk about it. I do think we need to demand transparency and accountability from that very important and crucial network for the Latino community.”

Navarro said that she’s heard Acevedo is a good journalist and is befuddled as to what happened saying “It truly makes you wonder if there was some sort of order he was under to act that way.”

The View co-host also mentioned the sudden cancellation of the Joe Biden ads by Univision raising questions as to why an interview with a Biden spokesperson that was to air after Trump’s interview was abruptly canceled.

“Then we find out Jared Kushner is involved in all of this and has been having conversations and getting friendly and cozy with the Televisa executives,” Navarro noted.

Navarro wonders if TelevisaUnivision is trying to cozy up with Trump in case he wins the presidential election he could ease the restrictions that deny foreign individuals a majority stake of a U.S. network.

“We are very worried about what a shift in ideology led by the folks from Mexican Televisa wanting to warm up to folks in America can mean for U.S. elections. So this is the time to get active,” she ended.

Watch Navarro’s complete comments in the video posted below.

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