‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Says Nickelodeon ‘Sounds Like the Catholic Church’ in Their Response to ‘Quiet on Set’

As the fallout from “Quiet on Set,” a new documentary that exposed some shocking and upsetting things about Nickelodeon in its earlier years, continues, “The View” host Ana Navarro isn’t impressed by the network’s response. On Friday morning, the ABC host went so far as to compare Nickelodeon to the Catholic Church.

The documentary led the day’s Hot Topics, with the women debating whether or not more high-profile celebrities who worked for Nickelodeon — for example, Ariana Grande — should join some of their former costars in speaking out. And really, the table was split.

Host Sunny Hostin argued that anyone who still knows anything about that time and what happened should speak up, because she thinks “If you are a true ally, that you do speak out.” But, she conceded that “it takes a lot of bravery and courage” to do so.

Meanwhile, Ana Navarro disagreed “so wholeheartedly.” To her, everyone should be allowed to process trauma however they need to. She added that, even if these child actors didn’t experience abuse themselves, witnessing abuse could’ve been traumatic. She also noted that they were, really, just kids at the time.

Of course, as the discussion ended, Hostin made sure to read Nickelodeon’s response to the documentary, which said it “cannot corroborate or negate allegations of behaviors from producers decades ago.”

“Nickelodeon as a matter of policy investigates all formal complaints as part of our commitment to fostering a safe and professional workplace environment free of harassment or other kinds of inappropriate conduct,” their statement read.

As Hostin finished reading it, Navarro chimed in once again, quipping that “They sound like the Catholic church.”

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video above.

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