Viewers disappointed as Chris Eubank quits Scared Of The Dark

The star said it was his final day in the dark bunker

Chris Eubank has left the show. (Channel 4)
Chris Eubank has left the show. (Channel 4)

Chris Eubank has stunned Scared Of The Dark fans by suddenly quitting the show.

The retired boxer was one of a group of celebs living in a pitch black bunker in the Channel 4 reality programme, but has now declared it time to leave “this construct”.

Before Eubank left, there had been tension between him and other contestants and he irritated some viewers by not fully taking part in some challenges.

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In the latest instalment he told viewers it was his “last day in this construct”, adding: “The real dark is where I'm going back to, where they need my assistance, whether they know it or not.”

Danny Dyer hosts Scared Of The Dark. (Channel 4)
Danny Dyer hosts Scared Of The Dark. (Channel 4)

“I am an entertainer and I'm sorry but I have other people to look after with my insight,” he said.

Fans admitted they were surprised to see Eubank exit the programme.

“I’m so disappointed with #Chris leaving the show,” one tweeted. “I never ever thought he was a quitter.”

“Thought he wouldn’t quit,” said another.

One remarked: “Wow so he did actually leave, just shows people do have their limits.”

Somebody else said they were “glad” that the star had left.

Scared of the Dark contestants Max Geroge and Chris Eubank with the boxes containing items including raw sausage and a rabbit. (Channel 4)
Some fans were disappointed to see Chris Eubank go. (Channel 4)

“Chris Eubank quitting is disappointing but not unexpected,” commented another viewer.

One fan said all Eubank needed to do was “engage".

“So sad Chris Eubank SO SAD,” they tweeted, adding: “Fair play you came this far.”

The other contestants were also taken aback to hear Eubank had decided to leave the darkness.

“I just wish he’d f****** said bye,” said Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt.

“That hurt my feelings. I’m shocked that he didn’t see it through till the end because I think he would have really got a lot out of it. I’m f****** gutted. I feel like I know as much about him as I did on the outside.”

Pictured: CHRIS E Scared of the Dark (Channel 4)
The celebs were also surprised that Chris Eubank left. (Channel 4)

Boxer Nicola Adams chimed in: “S***. I still can’t believe he’s gone you know. He’s a champion and I thought he’d have the courage and the strength to just stick it out.”

Host Dyer concluded: “Dare I say it, he was sort of the fly in the ointment of the group dynamic. Could this be a domino effect? Could we start seeing them all fall?”

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Scared Of The Dark sees the celebrity contestants living in the dark for eight days.

If they want to leave they just have to say "I'm scared of the dark".

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