Viewers left squirming by Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb’s awkward reunion

It’s quite possibly the most awkward reunion in British TV history.

ITV viewers were left squirming behind their sofas last night when I’m A Celebrity stars Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb were reunited for the first time since leaving the jungle.

Homes Under the Hammer presenter Martin had just found out that Larry called him a “f****** lower middle class snob” behind his back, and then met up with the ex-EastEnders star at the Versace hotel soon afterwards.

53-year-old Martin was full of joy when reunited with most of his fellow campers, but when Larry arrived, things were just a little more awkward.

Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb/ITV
Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb/ITV

“Welcome to the outside world,” Larry bellowed at his camp nemesis, who replied, “It’s nice to be here in reality, how are you?” while swiftly backing away. Martin looked pretty relieved when he clocked Lisa Snowden and promptly gave her a hug.

Viewers also picked up on Martin’s wife Kirsty looking less than impressed to see 69-year-old Larry.

“Was that the most awkward moment on tv in 2016- Larry Lamb and Martin’s wife at the hotel entrance’, one viewer asked on Twitter.

“How two faced is Larry Lamb am dead”, another responded.

“Martin’s wife looked like she wanted to knock Larry out lmao,” another viewer added.

Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb/ITV
Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb/ITV

Last week Martin told the Daily Star that Larry constantly tried to undermine him during their time together in the jungle. “Whenever he could, Larry tried to put me down,” he explained. “He tried to undermine me and he tried to turn people against me.”

However, here’s a bit of good news. Since the awkward reunion was filmed Martin has indicated during an interview with This Morning that he’s prepared to bury the hatchet.

And no, not in Larry’s skull.

“The first day out I was really angry but my overall experience was so brilliant, and so lovely,” he told Holly and Phil. “By the time it was our final morning, I was having breakfast with Kirsty and the kids and Larry walked in and I thought ‘I need to do something here.’

“I went over and gave him a real hug, I didn’t let go and he just broke down in tears and he said ‘I am so so sorry for the way I acted towards you and I am so sorry for what I said’.”

Excuse us, we’ve got something in our eyes.

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