Viewers 'switch channels' as Gemma Collins debuts on Good Morning Britain

The GC made her GMB debut Monday morning. (ITV)
The GC made her GMB debut Monday morning. (ITV)

Gemma Collins has made her Good Morning Britain debut – but spent more time reporting on herself than entertainment news.

The reality star made a brief nod to her showbiz news remit by saying a few words about an age-gap romance between Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell.

But the gossip soon turned to Collins’ own tastes in men, and her current toyboy James “Arg” Argent who is seven years her junior – although many viewers were unimpressed with the show’s new star.

She said: “My man is seven years younger than me, yes, that’s how I like it.”

However, she managed to offend host Piers Morgan when she told him: “I always thought I wanted a silver fox like yourself. You’re still gorgeous. I always thought I wanted an older man.

“You can educate me because you’re an older man, you’ve got more experience, but when you’re an older woman going out with a younger guy you kind of have that power over them.”

But Morgan protested that he wasn’t a silver fox and just had “a few flecks” of grey in his hair.

And her new role certainly provoked strong reactions from viewers who demanded to know what her talent was.

The Dancing on Ice contestant explained: “Well, I’m just out there, loving life and living life, and proving to people against all odds you can be accepted in society.

“I’m just who I am. I’m a bit of a voice. People think because I’m a plus-size girl, because I’ve come from a reality background, which I’m very proud of, then how can this girl be so successful? I don’t know how it’s happened, but I’m thankful.”

She went on: “I was 30 years old, I was selling cars, I got approached to be on this show, my mum said yeah, do it, and I went on Towie and I could have had two choices – stay on TOWIE, or milk this for everything I can get out of it.

“I can look after my family and my nephews and put money aside for my future, and I’m going to milk it.”

She also denied the diva rumours that have surrounded her during Dancing on Ice, saying: “I wouldn’t get booked on all these shows. I can’t be bothered to waste the money suing the papers, I’d rather have the money in my bank.”

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