Vigo Election Board certifies results of 2024 primary

May 17—The Vigo County Election Board certified the results of the May 5 primary election on Friday.

During a meeting at the Vigo County Courthouse, board members first had to decide the fates of eight provisional ballots. Four were accepted, while the others were denied, because those ballots were cast either by someone who did not present legal identification or because they were not registered to vote in the county.

In lieu of board member John Nichols's absence, Gretchen Etling served as a proxy vote for the results.

In total, 13,777 ballots were tabulated for the election out of 69,017 registered voters in Vigo County, meaning roughly 20% of those eligible participated in the election.

The board also moved to table a discussion of campaign finance reports. Two complaints arose regarding candidates who either filed a report late or did so incorrectly — Laureen Hoffman, a Republican running for County Clerk (she lost to LeAnna Moore), and John Fitzpatrick, a Democrat running for County Coroner (he lost to incumbent Janie Myers).

The discussion was tabled so the board could send certified letters to the candidates asking them to appear before the board regarding the issue.

It was also announced that an agreement between the election board and the Vigo County School Corp. had been reached beginning with the 2026 election. Schools will close on Election Day, allowing them to be used as voting centers, which should prove geographically advantageous for voters.

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