Vinted makes policy update all users need to know about

People love using Vinted to sell their pre-loved clothes
People love using Vinted to sell their pre-loved clothes -Credit:Getty/andresr

Vinted has made a change to its policy which means it will be able to use your photos of listed items for marketing.

The pre-loved marketplace has grown in popularity as people use the mobile phone app to sell unwanted items from their homes. Vinted users can make money in return for their items without having to worry about paying for postage.

But the company has now made an update to its Terms and Conditions which allows Vinted to use information about one of our listed items, such as photos and descriptions for marketing, but you can opt out if you are not comfortable with the new update.

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In an email to customers, Vinted said: "We’re letting you know about changes to our Privacy Policy, to make sure you understand how we handle your data and what choices are available to you. We’ve updated the info on featuring your listings, including photos and descriptions, on social media and other websites for marketing purposes.

"This can help new members find Vinted, and boost your item’s visibility. However, if you’d prefer we don’t use your listing data for marketing, you can always opt out of this in your privacy settings."

Within the related privacy policy it states: "If you don’t choose to opt-out, we may use the data of your uploaded items (such as photos, titles, descriptions, and categories), along with any other content you create on the platform, to help you sell your items and/or to promote Vinted. This may include showcasing your content across various online platforms (such as banners, and articles on third-party websites), social media (like Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and other channels. You can stop our use of your content in marketing campaigns at any time by opting out of this in your account Privacy settings."

You can find the option to opt out in your privacy settings.

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