Violent mugger guilty of attempted rape of woman in north London park attack

Bogdan Ungureanu (Metropolitan Police)
Bogdan Ungureanu (Metropolitan Police)

A man who attempted to rape a woman during a brutal park mugging for her purse and diamond ring is facing jail.

Bogdan Ungureanu, 41, knocked the victim unconscious and left her nursing cuts and bruises over her body as well as a black eye after the attack in Watling Park, Edgware.

He stole her handbag, purse, keys, and a diamond ring, and used the woman’s money to later buy alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets.

The Met Police said the victim has been left struggling to leave the house in the aftermath of the attack, which happened on August 28, 2021.

Ungureanu, of no fixed address, was captured thanks to CCTV, showing him leaving the park carrying a shopping bag with a tassel from the victim’s purse hanging out of the side.

Bogdan Ungureanu on CCTV after the attack in Watling Park, Edgware (MPS)
Bogdan Ungureanu on CCTV after the attack in Watling Park, Edgware (MPS)

He pleaded guilty to robbery and fraud, and was convicted at a trial at Kingston crown court of attempted rape. The jury acquitted Ungureanu of a charge of rape.

Detective Constable Arvind Gogna, from the Met’s rape and serious sexual offences team, said: “This was a horrific attack which has understandably left the victim traumatised, so much so that she now struggles to leave the house.

“She has shown tremendous courage in supporting our investigation and giving evidence in this trial. It is thanks to her that this man has been convicted. We hope that this case will encourage others who have been victim to serious sexual offences to come forward and speak to us.”

Police said members of the public found the woman shouting for help in Watling Park after the attack.

“She was approached by an unknown man who physically and sexually assaulted her, leaving her unconscious”, it said.

“She also had bruising and cuts across her body, as well as a black eye.

“The suspect also stole the victim’s handbag, including her purse – which he later used to purchase alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets.”

Ungureanu was recognised in the CCTV images by a PCSO and arrested in the Stratford area in east London. Forensic testing then linked him to the victim’s tights.

Ungureanu, whose case came to trial 20 months after he was first charged, is due to be sentenced on July 27.