Virgin River boss shares exciting season 6 filming update as he teases time jump

alexandra breckenbridge, martin henderson, virgin river season 5
Virgin River boss teases season 6 time jumpNetflix

Virgin River showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has dropped some teasers about season 6, after the season 5 finale dropped on Netflix.

In an interview with Deadline, he stated that pre-production is going well once again after being paused due to the writers strike in Hollywood, and cameras are set to start rolling in the first half of next year.

"Coming back to it, we're finishing the second half [of the season]," he said, before revealing, “another time jump from the holidays to when Season 6 starts.”

alexandra breckenbridge, martin henderson, virgin river season 5

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He also spoke about how season 6 will go back to 10 episodes, after two seasons of 12 episodes each.

He added: "We're going to start as soon as the Vancouver weather allows. So hopefully in the spring is what I've been hearing.

"I don't know if I would do the holidays again. It's sort of, been there done that, and I feel like we did it in a big way that I wouldn't even know where to start to explore."

At the time, the show hasn't been officially greenlit beyond the upcoming sixth season, but Smith is under the impression that the show won't end here, and thinks that the powers that be should "just pick up season 7 so we can just knock seasons 6 and 7 and call it a day."

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"There's no plans of wrapping anything up," he said. "I think, as long as these characters are living, there are always going to be stories to tell, and that's an incredible opportunity for any showrunner."

Virgin River seasons 1-5 are available to stream now on Netflix.

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