Virginia Park Rangers Help Lost Gosling Find Mother

Video captured rangers at Great Falls Park in Virginia reuniting a lost gosling with its family on Saturday, May 13.

A visitor had notified park rangers of a gosling found “alone and shivering” on North River Trail on Saturday, the park said. Rangers said they took the baby goose into a squad car while they searched inlets along the trail for a family of Canada geese who may have been missing a little one.

In the footage, the fuzzy gosling enters the water, and soon, a goose followed closely by another gosling come to collect the lost baby.

“After a little apprehension at the first meeting, the sibling gives our lost gosling a nip on the beak, almost as if to say, ‘Where have you been, you almost got me grounded!’” the park wrote on Facebook. "Our rangers watched on as the reunited family swam to safety together, and our job was done!

“With a true Mother’s Day accomplishment under our wings, we at Great Falls Park wish you a very happy Mother’s Day,” park officials said. Credit: Great Falls Park via Storyful

Video transcript

- [? Baby. ?] Maybe not mama. Is this mama? I think that might be mama.