Vision expert on ten signs your eyesight could be getting worse and when to see an optician

It could be time to see an optician if you notice any of these
It could be time to see an optician if you notice any of these -Credit:PA

A new study of 2,000 adults has found that six in every ten have seen a decline in their eyesight over the past ten years, with 40% experiencing discomfort or fatigue in their eyes.

However, 31% say that their vision is still clear, while 74% claim confidence in their ability to recognise the common signs of depleting vision.

Despite this, 20% say that they have struggled to read a map, 19%have failed to see a bus number, and 12% have messaged the wrong person as a result of blurred or obscured vision.

A total of 11% misunderstood important emails, 10% misplaced an important item, and seven per cent have misread a major news story according to the study - and eye expert Dr Josie Forte, who has been an optometrist for Specsavers for 20 years, said that these could occur as a result of presbyopia.

The Mirror reports Presbyopia is a gradual loss of your eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects, and is a common condition. Dr Forte, explained: "Subtle changes and impacts relating to our vision can often go unnoticed.

"But like many conditions, if these changes aren't addressed and treated, they can often get worse."

Ten signs your vision may be declining

  1. Finding yourself holding menus or small text further away to read them clearly

  2. Needing to hold reading material at arm's length to focus on it properly

  3. Zooming in on your phone or increasing the font size in order to read better

  4. Your children notice you looking funny when you try to read things

  5. Needing brighter lighting to read something or doing close work

  6. Experiencing blurry vision at normal reading distance

  7. Squinting to bring objects into focus

  8. Having eye strain or headaches after reading or doing close work

  9. Asking to borrow people's glasses to read things

  10. Mistaking the salt for the pepper