A visit to East Park Zoo in summer is a delight of monkeys and multicoloured birds

The aviary at the Animal Educational Centre in Hull also known locally as East Park zoo
-Credit: (Image: Hull Live)

A visit to Hull's East Park is beautiful any time of year with orange and red leaves in autumn, a dramatic snow-covered lake in winter, and pink blossom and birdsong in spring.

But the best time to visit its zoo, AKA The Animal Education Centre, is undeniably in the summer months. The alpacas are absolutely adorable with their summer hairstyles and the other animals, such as the squirrel monkeys, marmosets, and wallabies, are a lot more active when it's warm.

In winter, it's not uncommon for the lemurs and other primates to stay huddled up in their little boxes all day - who can blame them - and if you're lucky enough to see a wallaby they often seem to be hugging themselves warm.


But on a recent visit in June, I was delighted to see all of the squirrel monkeys leaping around and performing all sorts of acrobatics. The tiny and perfect marmosets were similarly playful and it's wonderful to see them hop around every inch of their enclosure, jumping from rope to branch.

The goats and deer can be seen grazing all year round but even they seem more carefree in the sunshine. The only animal I have yet to see a whisker of is the elusive guinea pigs who seem to suffer from permanent stage fright.

A wallaby at The Animal Education Centre in Hull's huge East Park
A wallaby at The Animal Education Centre in Hull's huge East Park -Credit:Hull Live

What makes East Park Animal Education Centre really special to me is the large walk-in aviary. It's so magical to see such colourful birds flying above your head in a huge flock.

The cockatiels are the most likely to do this, but I love the exotic ducks and the adorable little finches too. They also have birds that weave incredible hanging nests that are a marvel to see.

What's the only thing that can make this day out this better? Buying an ice-cream from the Old Park Shop next door. Heaven!

The Animal Education Centre is open 10.30am to 3.45pm (last entry 3pm). The website states it is open seven days a week.