I visited an underground bar not many people know about

I visited an underground bar in the city centre that you might not know existed.

What was previously Aloha on Colquitt Street became underground retro games bar NQ64 in September 2019, after the lively Tiki bar announced its shock closure. At the time, fans of Aloha were "gutted" it had closed, and I for one was not aware something else had opened in its place.

But if you go down the steps and into this underground bar, you'll find NQ64. NQ64 is a retro arcade bar that offers a trip down memory lane for visitors, featuring 80s and 90s video game classics such as Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario Kart. The bar also has branches in Manchester, London and Glasgow, to name a few.

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I am a huge fan of video games, having previously tried to live my Mario Kart dreams by go-karting at TeamSport in March of this year. While my Wii skills didn't really translate into real life, I felt right at home in NQ64. When visitors go inside, they can pay for game tokens to be used in consoles, such as classic Dance Dance Revolution or racing games.

NQ64 in Liverpool is a hidden gem for gamers
NQ64 in Liverpool is a hidden gem for gamers -Credit:NQ64

It was a nice touch that some of the consoles, such as the Nintendo 64, are free to play on, so visitors can still experience the video games without getting tokens.

Another great aspect of the bar are the drinks themselves, as they are all named after classic video game characters. My personal favourite, which you can see in the video above, was the Kirby, named after Nintendo's cute protagonist of the Kirby games.

It was made up of beefeater pink gin, poppy liqueur, grapefruit, lime and vanilla, but it had a special visual twist that I couldn't get enough of.

To see the full NQ64 experience, watch the above video or head to the Liverpool ECHO's TikTok page.

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