I visited 'worst' seaside town in Yorkshire and it was so charming I didn't want to leave

Bridlington has been named Yorkshire's worst seaside town but we found it to be quite the opposite!
-Credit: (Image: Megan Shaw - Yorkshire Live)

Bridlington, a coastal town in Yorkshire, was labelled as the 'worst' in the region by a Which? survey last year.

The once thriving town is reportedly on a downward trajectory, with growing concerns about its future. The seaside resort is allegedly losing hundreds of businesses due to high crime rates, as locals express their fears over safety, insufficient healthcare facilities and drug-related problems.

Despite the yearly surge of tourists during the summer months, there are apprehensions that Bridlington's once flourishing tourism industry is on the decline. However, a visit from Yorkshire Live painted a different picture. Here's what their reporter, Megan Shaw, had to say...

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On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, we found the Bridlington Park and Ride car park filled to the brim, forcing us to park on the main road.

As a newcomer, I decided to take my three year old for a day trip to Bridlington. Despite the negative reviews online, I kept an open mind.

We unloaded the car and headed towards Princess Mary Promenade.

We were welcomed by stunning coastal views, the sound of seagulls and children playing, and the faint scent of fish and chips - all the perfect elements for a picturesque Instagram post. We descended the steps to find a lively Promenade teeming with families of all shapes and sizes.

Children were running up and down, shrieking with joy in the paddling pools, while grandparents sat comfortably in striped deck chairs, enjoying a cup of tea or an ice cream.

I had never been to Bridlington before so decided to take my three-year-old on a day trip
I had never been to Bridlington before so decided to take my three-year-old on a day trip -Credit:Yorkshire Live - Megan Shaw

Couples were spotted lounging on beach towels, their arms lovingly intertwined. The Promenade was beautifully decorated with stylish beach huts available for rent at £50 per day, offering an ideal base for a day at the beach.

These huts are perfectly positioned to enjoy the stunning views of South Bay.

One family had festooned their hut with birthday banners and balloons, celebrating together by opening presents and savouring a cake. The overall atmosphere was one of sheer joy.

Each hut is equipped with its own small square paddling pool at the front, but all the children seemed to be running up and down them all simultaneously, with no one seeming to mind as long as they were having fun. We popped into the local shop to grab a bucket and spade.

The staff were exceptionally friendly and appeared to genuinely enjoy interacting with customers, especially the children, whom they were more than happy to entertain and show the range of beach toys available. The prices were also quite fair compared to some tourist shops that take advantage of tourists who have forgotten essentials and have no other option.

The promenade was lined with families in all shapes and sizes
The promenade was lined with families in all shapes and sizes -Credit:Megan Shaw - Yorkshire Live

We had a wonderful day at the beach, with my three year old gleefully splashing in the paddling pool and building sandcastles. The look of joy on his face was priceless.

A charming little orange train was offering rides along the seafront for tourists to take in the sights of Bridlington. However, the appeal of the beach proved too irresistible for my son!

After some persuasion, we managed to lure him away from the sands and took a leisurely stroll down to the pier. We indulged in some fish and chips from one of the bustling local fisheries and sat by the harbour to enjoy them, taking in the sight of boats moored in the bay.

Before making our way back to the car, we treated ourselves to some ice cream, which made our lengthy walk along the promenade all the more enjoyable as we watched the sun dip below the horizon.

Reflecting on our day, I found myself questioning why Bridlington is often met with such negative reviews. Yes, it could benefit from a lick of paint here and there, but overall, it's clean, well-equipped, and the locals are nothing but welcoming.

In my opinion, Bridlington is a delightful, traditional seaside town that's ideal for families. Judging by my son's reaction, we'll certainly be making a return visit!