Visitors to Ukrainian Science Museum Submerge Replica of Sunken Russian Warship

Visitors to a new science museum for children in Lviv, Ukraine, are now able to sink a replica of a Russian warship that went down in the Black Sea in April.

Video released by the Science Museum of Lviv on January 20 shows the exhibit in which a replica of the guided missile cruiser Moskva is floating in a glass tank of water, and can be plunged into the deep by pressing a button.

The vessel was the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet before it sank.

The Moskva sank after what Kyiv claims was a hit by a cruise missile on April 13. Russia denies this and said it sank due to an unrelated fire and stormy weather conditions.

Russia’s Moskova became known internationally at the start of the war for its crew’s demands that Ukrainian forces on Snake Island surrender their positions. They refused and responded “Russian warship, go f*** yourself,” which became a symbol of Ukrainian defiance. Credit: Lviv Museum of Science via Storyful

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