Volunteer Belts Out Impressive Tune on Washed Up Piano During Hurricane Ian Clean Up

Hurricane Ian clean up efforts were paused as volunteers took turns to play tunes on a damaged piano in Matlacha, Florida, on Wednesday, October 5.

Video recorded by David Boot captures an impressive performance of the rhythm and blues classic ‘Kansas City’ by a volunteer. Boot shared the video to Facebook with the caption: “Through all of the debris I still found a bit of happiness”.

Cook told Storyful that the group of volunteers were delivering ice and gas for Hurricane Ian victims when they came across the piano.

“It was a bright spot in our day!” Cook said. Credit: David Boot via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh!


- Come on, Ray Charles. Sing me one.

- Oh, let me [INAUDIBLE] a bit.



- He only knows one song.


- And he doesn't know-- oh, come on. Play it. Play it, please.

- We got the master right here.

- Yeah, boy!

- Hold that out for me. Hold that out for me. Hold that out for me.



- That should.

- Break it down. Break it down.


- That was [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh yeah!

- (SINGING) Well, I'm going to Kansas City. Kansas City, here I come. [INAUDIBLE] Kansas City. Kansas City, here I come. We got [INAUDIBLE] and I'm gonna get me some.